ELPM & EL Connect
credit recovery • community involvement • homework help • wellness 
after school & summer   

ELPM-Credit Recovery
Grades 11-12

 Monday   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday    Friday
 12:40 pm until 8 pm
12:40 pm until 8 pm 12:40 pm until 8 pmNO ELPM

ELPM Staff

Mr. Fred Lidstone, Coordinator

Mr. Doug Gleason, Ed Tech
Ms. Jen Morin, Work with ME! Coordinator
Maggie and Sam, Tutors

ELPM Classroom Phone

333-6601, ext 2758

The One Life Project - The Youth Voice
Cross Center - Bangor Maine 

The One Life Project - The Youth Voice

Academic Help

EL Connect teachers and ed techs help students meet learning standards in math, science, English and social studies. Up To Passing for freshmen and sophomores targets opportunities to recover credits immediately after a failed course.

Credit Recovery
ELPM is for Juniors and Seniors who need to make up credits toward graduation.

Vocational Education
Work With ME, a partnership with Maine CareerCenter and Auburn Police Department provides job skills education, work readiness skills, job-seeking support, and community internship placements.

Science Through Cooking, in partnership with Franklin Alternative School and Auburn PAL Center provides culinary arts education, catering experience, job skills education, and job-seeking support.

Community Involvement
Big Brothers Big Sisters ELHS volunteers visit Washburn Elementary School's after school CLC program to mentor youth, help with homework and weekly activities.

Auburn Public Library offers volunteer opportunities, Teen Room after school and monthly Teen Life Skills programs.

In partnership with EL Guidance and with support from a MELMAC Foundation grant, support for post-secondary planning (college visits and applications, FAFSA forms, scholarship options, and Accuplacer testing) is available to ELPM and EL Connect participants.

EL Connect-Academic Support
Grades 9-10 & ELL Students

 Monday   Tuesday Wednesday Thursday    Friday
2:15 pm
until 4 pm
2:15 pm
until 4 pm
2:15 pm
until 4 pm
2:15 pm
until 4 pm
EL Connect

EL Connect Staff

Ms. Alex Poulin, Coordinator

Mrs. Jill Hyland, ELL Teacher
Ms. Rachael Heikkinen, Ed Tech

EL Connect Classroom Phone

333-6601, ext 2829

The Seniors visiting East Auburn Elementary School