After-school alternative education program at

Edward Little High School


We are an academic, outcome-based opportunity for high school students to earn credit and meet learning targets through self-paced, independent study.


Our Mission

Our mission is to help at-risk Junior and Senior high school students recover credits and meet learning targets in an academically, physically, socially, and emotionally safe environment. ELPM does “Whatever it Takes” to help students graduate and become contributing members of their community.


Our Program

·      ELPM is an alternative to, as well as an extension of, the Edward Little day program

·      2/3 of ELPM students attend ELHS during the day; the remaining 1/3 attend ELPM only

·      Students are referred to ELPM by the Guidance Office

·      Courses focus on core (level 2) subjects and are aligned with the ELHS curriculum frameworks

·      Students receive packets of assignments; they can work at home or in the ELPM lab.

·      Credit can also be earned through work-study or other off-site experiences

·      Students need to be self-motivated to be successful

·      The atmosphere is positive and relaxed, but business-like

·      Teachers are available 4 days per week from 12:40pm until 5:00pm in the ELPM Lab for support and/or tutoring




Almost all of our students are at risk of dropping out due to:

Early adult responsibilities

High-risk attitudes and behaviors

Poor school performance

Disengagement from school

High mobility




We do whatever it takes to help remove the

barriers that stand in the way of student success


·      Work with guidance, administration, parents and teachers to meet students’ needs

·      Use student attendance to trigger outreach activities

·      Call, email and write letters to encourage attendance

·      Build relationships, discuss student options