Special statement regarding our department's continuation of learning plans during school closure due to covid-19 precautionary measures:

First, the members of the fine arts department would like to wish you and your families and loved ones security and wellness during this unprecedented time in our recent history.  Our Superintendent and School Leadership are working with staff to make plans to continue supporting our students academically, as well as nutritionally and emotionally.  Please visit the Auburn School Department Home page or Facebook for more details.  

In the meantime, the fine arts department is working to put together resources for students to continue enjoying experiences in the arts.  Through this website, as well as through Google Classroom, Google Gmail and other digital sources, Fine Arts staff will communicate with students several options to further student learning and to create options for credit or point recovery for past due, missing or incomplete projects or those that did not originally meet a learning target.  We are sensitive to the fact that not all students will have the same supplies or resources to complete tasks.  In light of this we will be flexible when grading projects in the student's favor and will only be grading work submitted.  The work you complete during school closure will never lower your grade and you will not be penalized for work not finished.  Remember, the arts can be a wonderful source of stress relief and distraction, are a healthy and meaningful coping mechanism and can offer an outlet for students to express their own observations and experiences with this situation as it unfolds.  

Check your teacher's Google Classroom or Website daily as well as your auburnschl.edu gmail where most notifications will be sent.   We look forward to working with and supporting students over the coming weeks.  Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.  Given that most of us will work remotely, email is best to reach us, we'll be checking it frequently.  Parents, if you prefer to talk by phone, please email a number and best time to reach you.   


Shawn Rice
Chair, Fine Arts

Our Music Staff:

Sarah Brooks                
Choral Director
Room 140 - Chorus Room
Treble Choir Syllabus
Chamber Choir Syllabus
Concert Choir Syllabus
Piano Syllabus
Honors Music Performance Syllabus
History of Contemporary Music Syllabus
Extracurricular: Show Choir
ext 2840

William Buzza
Instrumental Music / Band
Room 137 - Band Room
Concert Band Syllabus
Guitar I Syllabus
Guitar II Syllabus
Advanced Guitar Syllabus
Honors Music Performance Syllabus
Percussion Ensemble Syllabus
Intro to Music
Extracurricular: Marching Band, Pep Band
ext 2763

Visual Arts Vision
Visual Arts Courses at Edward Little High School are opportunities for students to increase achievement in a student-driven environment that supports and celebrates creativity and originality, the search for novelty and the evolution of self.  By developing and maintaining strong work habits and a willingness to take risks, experiment, fail and collaborate our students will build confidence in their voice as evidenced by preliminary thinking, dialogue, experimentation, revision, presentation and reflection.  

Visual Arts Vision Haiku
Art supports growth through 
hard work, exploration and 
creative thinking.

Our Visual Art Staff:

Matthew Peinado
Visual Art
Room 141
Digital Photography Syllabus
2D -Design Syllabus
Drawing and Painting I Syllabus
Drawing and Painting II (Spring semester) Syllabus
ext 2841

Shawn Rice
Department Head, AVEC Visual and Performing Arts Facilitator (GT Enrichment)
Visual Art
Room 143
Digital Photography Syllabus
Broadcast Media Syllabus
Honors Art Syllabus
Intro to Film Making - Syllabus
Extracurricular: Facilitator and Advisor, AVEC Visual and Performing Arts GT Enrichment
ext 2843

Terry Wentzel
Visual Art
Room 144
Pottery I Syllabus
Advanced Pottery - Syllabus 
Art I Syllabus
Advanced Portfolio Syllabus
ext 2844