Hello students and families:

I hope this message finds you all safe, rested and ready for the new school year!  Auburn teachers continue to work hard to develop standard operating procedures for safely reopening schools and to design meaningful and enriching in-person and remote learning experiences for all of our students.  

The Arts play an important role in culture and living a healthy and balanced life.  The Fine Arts Department at ELHS wants to make the most of learning experiences in the arts.  We will be using Google Classroom, Powerschool and our new Syllabus format to keep you abreast of our weekly learning objectives and to communicate with you our expectations, feedback and concerns.  We will also continue to be available through email, phone and office hours and welcome your partnership in supporting learners to achieve their best and persevere through challenges.  Please reach out any time, we look forward to hearing from you.

As we approach opening day, we are fully aware that it will take some time to get used to new routines and adapt to our new school reality.  However, I assure you that one thing has not changed: our commitment to creating supportive, safe and empowering creative environments and experiences and helping students embrace the universal skills learned in the arts to solve future problems. 


Shawn Rice
Chair, Fine Arts

Our Music Staff:

Sarah Brooks                
Choral Director
Room 140 - Chorus Room

Piano Period 1W & 2W - syllabus
Concert Choir 3W - Syllabus
Honors Music 4W - Syllabus

Treble Choir Syllabus Period 2M

Piano Syllabus Period 1M

Extracurricular: Show Choir
ext 2840

William Buzza
Instrumental Music / Band
Room 137 - Band Room

Guitar 1 Period 2W - Syllabus
Concert Band Period 3W - Syllabus
Honors Music 4W - Syllabus
Advanced Guitar - Syllabus

Guitar 2 - Syllabus Period 2M

Extracurricular: Marching Band, Pep Band
ext 2763

Visual Arts Vision
Visual Arts Courses at Edward Little High School are opportunities for students to increase achievement in a student-driven environment that supports and celebrates creativity and originality, the search for novelty and the evolution of self.  By developing and maintaining strong work habits and a willingness to take risks, experiment, fail and collaborate our students will build confidence in their voice as evidenced by preliminary thinking, dialogue, experimentation, revision, presentation and reflection.  

Visual Arts Vision Haiku
Art supports growth through 
hard work, exploration and 
creative thinking.

Our Visual Art Staff:

Matthew Peinado
Visual Art
Room 141

Art I - Syllabus
Drawing and Painting I Syllabus
2D Design - Syllabus

3D -Design Syllabus
ext 2841

Shawn Rice
Department Head, AVEC Visual and Performing Arts Facilitator (GT Enrichment)
Visual Art
Room 143

Honors Art - Syllabus
1W & 3W Digital Photography - Syllabus

Extracurricular: Facilitator and Advisor, AVEC Visual and Performing Arts GT Enrichment
ext 2843

Terry Wentzel
Visual Art
Room 144

Pottery I Syllabus

Advanced Pottery - Syllabus 
Art I Syllabus
Advanced Portfolio Syllabus
2D Design - Syllabus

UMA 2D Design - Syllabus
ext 2844