ELHS Math Department - Schedule
Mrs. Whitman

 Lisa Whitman - Department Head
AP Calculus AB, Algebra 2, and Algebra 1

Elena Berry
Algebra 2, Geometry, and Algebra 1

Jon Berry
Precalculus, Geometry, and Algebra 1

Nancy Bowie 
Bridge Program (UM MAT 115 & UM MAT 111) and Personal Finance
Mrs. Bowie's website

Ursula Cote
Honors Probability & Statistics and Algebra 1

Mako O'Connell
Probability & Statistics and Algebra 1

Alicia Pelletier
Algebra 2, Geometry, and Algebra 1

Shannon Reed
Honors Precalculus, Algebra 2, and Geometry
Mrs. Reed's website

Heidi Richardson
Personal Finance and Algebra 1

How to Help Your Child

  • Check Power School on a regular basis to be sure that your child is working at teacher pace.  In order for your child to stay on pace, they should be working on math at home.
  • When your child is struggle, encourage him/her to go to math lab or stay after school.
  • Contact the teacher if you have any questions or concerns.
  • When your son/daughter needs help while working in the Aleks program, please encourage them to click on explanation and/or the teacher resource icon on the right.

Math Labs

Students can get extra help in math during their learning lab.  The math lab schedule is:
 Students need to see the math lab teacher for a pass.

Student Responsibility Grades

Math teachers update the student responsibility grades on a weekly basis.  Please check your son's/daughter's student responsibility grade to see if they are on teacher pace.  A 100 for Topics indicates that they are on teacher pace.

Aleks Program

Many of our classes use the Aleks program instead of a textbook.  This program gives students immediate feedback for each practice problem and it gives students the opportunity for more practice as needed.  Please click here to watch a video about the program.