Edward Little High School serves students in the City of Auburn.  We strive to create a school community that is focused on the individual student.  Our goal is to empower our students to become lifelong learners for a world yet to be imagined!  We offer a variety of student programs and services including Advance Placement courses, BRIDGE year programming, dual-credit courses through local institutions, Vocational education opportunities (LRTC), Franklin Alternative School, and developing internships.  Our faculty and staff are committed to each student's success both in and out of the classroom.  We invite parents and community members to assist us in our efforts to provide our students with lifelong learning opportunities and the ability to achieve at their highest level.  If you are a local business interested in hosting an intern, please contact us on the aspirations page.

Fax:  207-784-9243

Places to Visit

The In-School Store is open this year every day:
Between 1st and 2nd periods (9:25 - 9:30)
Between 3rd and 4th (12:45 - 12:50)
The sophomore class will be selling EL gear, school supplies and healthy snacks!


    District code is JTMJ - PowerSchool App