Science Staff
Grades are updated on a regular basis in Powerschool. Should you want to know more, please contact the teacher directly via e-mail or phone, 207-333-6652. 

Karen Boucher
Department Chair

AP Biology      Syllabus
Biology           Syllabus
Honors Biology     Syllabus
Science in Society  Syllabus
ExtraCurricular: PT RED EDDIES, Class of 2021 Co-Advosor

Evan Cyr

Brian Dimitri
Physics 440    Syllabus
Chemistry 430  Syllabus
Chemistry 431 Syllabus
Physics 442   Syllabus

Maureen Edgerton
Chemistry  431   Syllabus
Chemistry 430    Syllabus
Honors Chemistry  Syllabus
Marine Science  Syllabus

Eric Eisaman
Industrial Coding    Syllabus
Computer Game Development    Syllabus
Computer Game Development II   Syllabus
Intro to Programming   Syllabus
AP Computer Science   Syllabus

Kim Finnerty
Meteorology Syllabus
Chemistry 430/431  Syllabus    Syllabus 430
Chemistry Through Agriculture    Syllabus
Make Up Science   Syllabus

Danielle Hinkley
Anatomy and Physiology   Syllabus
Physical Science/ Honors Physical Science,   Syllabus
Make up Physical Science

Amy Lappin
Chemistry 430  Syllabus
Chemistry through Agriculture   Syllabus
Biology  Syllabus

Brandy McFadden
Anatomy and Physiology  Syllabus
Honors Biology   Syllabus
Bridge Chemistry   Syllabus
Bridge Biology    Syllabus
Extra Curricular: Class of 2021 Co-Advisor

Peter Marris
Applied Physics   Syllabus
Physical Science, Honors Physical Science  Syllabus
Maine Fish and Wildlife  Syllabus
Extra Curricular: Fly fishing club

Jessica Somers
Biology   Syllabus
Current Issues in Biotechnology   Syllabus
Marine Science     Syllabus