Science in the News

Science Staff
Grades are updated on a regular basis in Powerschool. Should you want to know more, please contact the teacher directly via e-mail or phone, 207-333-6652. 

Karen Boucher
Department Chair
AP Biology, Biology and Honors Physical Science
ExtraCurricular: PT RED EDDIES

Evan Cyr
Applied Physics, Physical Science

Brian Dimirti
Honors Chemistry, Chemistry and Physical Science

Maureen Edgerton
Extra Curricular: National Honor Society

Eric Eisaman
Physics, 21st Century Engineering, Gaming, Physical Science
Extra Curricular: SMART

Danielle Hinkley
Biology, Physical Science

Amy Lappin
Honors Chemistry, Chemistry through Agriculture

Brandy McFadden
Anatomy and Physiology, Biology, Bridge Chemistry, Bridge Anatomy and Physiology
Extra Curricular: Class Advisor-2017, SMART

Peter Marris
Biology, Physical Science

Jessica Somers
Biology, Current Issues in Biotechnology
Extra Curricular: JV Girls Soccer, Girls Lacrosse

Student Opportunities

PROJECT SMART--University of New Hampshire

Project SMART is a Summer Institute at the University of New Hampshire (UNH) that challenges, educates, and motivates talented high school students in science and mathematics while acquainting them with the environment and resources of the University as a place for higher education and research.


Scholarships are Available

2017 MERITS Student Application Form

Maine Research Internships for Teachers and Students (MERITS) Program provides summer (six weeks) research opportunities to Maine high school juniors in host institutions across the state.  Students who are interested in STEM fields and would like to experience “real-time” applications of STEM in a research-focused work world conducting research and technology development should apply.

Applications are due JANUARY 31, 2017

Students must be U.S citizens and residents of Maine to apply to this program.