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Science Staff
Grades are updated on a regular basis in Powerschool. Should you want to know more, please contact the teacher directly via e-mail or phone, 207-333-6652. 

Karen Boucher
Department Chair
AP Biology Syllabus
Biology Syllabus
Pre-AP Biology Syllabus
ExtraCurricular: PT RED EDDIES

Evan Cyr
Applied Physics, Physical Science

Brian Dimitri
Physics 440 Syllabus
Chemistry Syllabus
Physics 442 Syllabus

Maureen Edgerton
Chemistry Syllabus
Biology Syllabus 
Extra Curricular: National Honor Society

Eric Eisaman
Coding Syllabus
Computer Game Development Syllabus
Computer Game Development II Syllabus
Intro to Programming Syllabus
Extra Curricular: SMART

Danielle Hinkley
Biology, Physical Science

Amy Lappin
Chemistry, Chemistry through Agriculture

Brandy McFadden
Anatomy and Physiology
Bridge Chemistry 
Bridge Anatomy and Physiology
Extra Curricular: Class Advisor-2017, SMART

Peter Marris
Physical Science
Extra Curricular: Fly fishing club

Jessica Somers
Current Issues in Biotechnology
Extra Curricular: JV Girls Soccer, Girls Lacrosse

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