Helpful Forms and Information

Community Service:
The community is our classroom, and we recognize that a civic responsibility for all citizens is to be involved in the community.  Twenty-four (24) community involvement hours are required for graduation.  To ensure documentation of your hours, please fill out the form below.

Senior Privilege:
Seniors who are in good standing have the privilege to be released or arrive late when they have a study hall during periods 1 or 4.  Form must be signed.
Senior Privilege- Release Form

Planned Absence:
We understand that at times, there are family obligations (weddings, funerals, graduations, etc.) that require an absence from school.  Please fill out the form below in the event of a planned absence.

Free and Reduced Lunch: 
Please make sure this form has been completed.  It must be completed every year. 

Superintendent's Agreement:
If you do not live in Auburn but would like to attend Edward Little High School, the following form must be completed, signed and returned to Superintendent Katy Grondin at 60 Court Street.

Out of District Request

Student Accident Insurance:
Auburn School District offers Auburn students to purchase optional accident insurance.  See below for more information.

Worker's Permit:
Maine Worker's Permit must be signed and sent by the school.  You can get a copy in the Edward Little Main Office or the link below.

Health Center

Edward Little offers two student health center options. 

The first is our school nurse Pam Stinson (  For more information on the District Wellness programs, please visit: ASD Health and Wellness
In order to administer any medication to your student the following form must be submitted to the school.
Medical Permission Form

The second option is the St. Mary's School Based Health Center.  They have a Physician's Assistant (Amanda Payne) onsite a few days a week who is available to enrolled students to diagnose and treat just like a
family physician.  St. Mary's also offers counseling, dental check-ups                           (Tooth Fairy), and sports physicals for enrolled students.  For more                               information, please visit: St. Mary's SBHC

This is an optional program, but students must be enrolled with St. Mary's. 
Please find the paperwork below.
St. Mary's Enrollment Paperwork