Athletic Events Letter 10/18/23

Athletic Events Letter 10/18/23

October 18, 2023

Dear Fellow Red Eddies,

The student behavior at football games needs to change. We are a community that takes great pride in supporting our athletes and coaches. Part of supporting our teams is demonstrating respect to everyone attending a game.

Evening sporting events have had a long tradition of being fun, cheering on our teams, and enjoying social time with friends by the student body. Many Edward Little alumni attend games. The past month of sporting events has not shown our best qualities as fans and classmates. Swearing, vulgarity, derogatory language, and slurs have no place at Edward Little High School. We can and will do better.

Effective 10/18/23, the following will not be allowed at home sporting events:

  • ●  Fire Extinguishers

  • ●  Powder

  • ●  Throwing Bottles

  • ●  Artificial Noise Makers

    If you bring or use these item(s) you will be told to leave the stadium immediately.

    The administration consistently gave you plenty of grace to enjoy your time as students at sporting events. However, the disrespectful words and actions need to stop. They DO NOT reflect who we are as Edward Little or the community of Auburn. These words and actions take away from ALL who come to events to enjoy time together and cheer on your classmates. It is time we return to having fun in a way that is enjoyable for all in attendance and reflect our values.

    The Auburn Community has a long and distinguished history of supporting athletics. Our beautiful new stadium is an example where the community came together and raised substantially more money for something of which we can be truly proud. As students, you need to demonstrate to the Auburn Community respect for our new facility, respect for each other, and respect for our athletes and visitors. As I said, “having fun” at games is a long tradition here at Edward Little High School. We want you to have fun, socialize, and cheer on our teams. It is time we return to having fun in a way that is enjoyable for all in attendance and reflect our values. Lastly, please, just be nice.


  • Scott Annear